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For over 26 years Farm for Profit has been helping Canadian farmers manage their soil, balance their soil nutrition, control the use of chemicals while controlling drift and significantly improve handling and odor reduction from farm animal waste.

We use farmers’ experiences and scientific data to increase profits by cutting costs while maintaining and increasing yields.

It’s farmers helping farmers to clean the soil, water and air… ensuring wholesome food for everyone!

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Healthy Soil, Healthy Crops

Farm for Profit is the Canadian leader in sustainable agriculture through bio-remediation, which is the integration of natural microorganisms into the soil. Our 4-step program helps farmers:

  • Develop healthy soil with Manure Liquefier, a natural biological product, along with pH Buffer, the energy source
  • Balance nutrition with our 3-18-18 True Solution Starter/Foliar Fertilizer
  • Use sensible chemical rates with significant drift reduction by using Farm for Profit Vegetable Oil
  • Achieve education and training to maximize success
  • Reduce odor and pathogens while increasing pumpability and composting of livestock waste with our Manure Liquefier

Step One

Soil Management - Improve yields by renewing soil, replacing essential microorganisms

Step Two

Plant Nutrition - Feed your soil the right mix to ensure early plant development

Step Three

Weed and Pest Control - Control weeds & pests while protecting water runoff and ground water

Step Four

Learn More - Understand and interpret soil tests and yields

Manure Treatment

Let nature do the work! -  Reduce odor by decreasing volatile fatty acids, sulfides and BOD


Improve livestock health -  Improve overall health, mortality and daily
weight gain

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Farm For Profit specialists, using state of the art testing methods, can show you how to solve common problems and how to balance soil nutrition with skill, knowledge, experience and products. Farmers will learn how to:

  • Correctly interpret soil tests
  • Maximize nutrient values
  • Improve yields

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