Step 2

Plant Nutrition

Unlike many liquid fertilizers, Farm For Profit’s 3-18-18 Liquid Starter is one of the most efficient starter fertilizers on the market. It is made from pure phosphoric acid (H2PO4), potassium hydroxide (KOH) and nitrogen.

True Solution Starter Fertilizer

Applied at planting or as a foliar feed, the positive results of using Farm For Profit 3-18-18 should be dramatic for these reasons:

  • Near neutral pH
  • 100% availability at germination when applied on the seed
  • Availability is not temperature dependent
  • Low salt index
  • 100% ortho phosphorus
  • Cost effective results
  • Can be stored indefinitely
  • True homogenized solution, will not stratify or salt out, can be mixed with pesticides
  • 2-5 gallon per acre based on soil test
  • Clean, even flow at application
  • 100% usable to the plant