Step 2

Plant Nutrition

Unlike many liquid fertilizers, Farm For Profit’s 3-18-18 Liquid Starter is one of the most efficient starter fertilizers on the market. It is made from pure phosphoric acid (H2PO4), potassium hydroxide (KOH) and nitrogen.

No Starter vs Step 2 Starter

True Solution Starter Fertilizer

Applied at planting or as a foliar feed, the positive results of using Farm For Profit 3-18-18 should be dramatic for these reasons:

  • Near neutral pH
  • 100% availability at germination when applied on the seed
  • Availability is not temperature dependent
  • Low salt index
  • 100% ortho phosphorus
  • Cost effective results
  • Can be stored indefinitely
  • True homogenized solution, will not stratify or salt out, can be mixed with pesticides
  • 2-5 gallon per acre based on soil test
  • Clean, even flow at application
  • 100% usable to the plant