Manure Treatment

Let nature do the work!

You work in a risky environment. The prevalence of animal diseases is increasing rapidly. Farm for Profit’s Manure Liquefier helps reduce odor and pathogens to increase the health of the famers and livestock.

On its own, organic material in livestock manure breaks down too slowly. Many manure pits have thick crusts on top or solids on the bottom which cuts oxygen off from the material and limits the activity of the naturally occurring microbes.

Adding Manure Liquefier restores a healthy eco-system and rapidly composts organic matter.

Farm for Profit Manure Liquefier Domain Porkplex

Farm for Profit Manure Liqueifier is approved for organic farms. Contact us for more information.

 "The results show a statistically significant difference in bacterial counts between the treated and untreated manure (99% confidence level). The additive reduced the number of fecal coliforms by a factor of 3 and fecal streptococci by a factor of 2-3. The number of total coliform was reduced by a factor ranging from 1.4- 1.8."
McGill research

“Laboratory analysis of 14 slurry samples showed that compounds usually associated with odor emissions (volatile fatty acids, sulfides, BOC) decreased significantly.”
Purdue University