Step 3

Weed and Pest Control

One of Farm For Profit’s main concern is soil and water pollution. Step 3 Vegetable Oil Encapsulation protects the chemicals from sunlight, oxygen, volatilization, drift and run-off. This encapsulation extends the viable life of the chemical, providing excellent results, even at reduced chemical rates, while increasing coverage and reducing wash-off and spray drift.

Step 3 Comparison Oil - No Oil

Same nozzles, 60 lbs pressure, oil vs no oil in tank

Vegetable Oil Encapsulation

  • Encapsulates the chemical, protecting it from sunlight and oxygen which reduces volatilization, drift and run-off
  • Helps generate uniform droplet size for improved coverage
  • Greatly reduces chemical evaporation and chemical drift
  • Increases coverage due to its spreading and sticking ability
  • Reduces chemical wash-off
  • Extends the active life of ingredients resulting in the use of less chemical while still providing control

Step 3 Vegetable Oil is cost-effective and easy to use.

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Roundup With Oil
Roundup With No Oil