Step One

Soil Management

Soil compaction is a major problem for farmers. Hard and compacted soils do not allow root systems to penetrate and stunt root development. Too much chemical, corrosive fertilizer and compaction from large machinery combinations used in modern soil management have killed many of the necessary soil organisms resulting in the formation of a hard, compacted soil layer. These tight soils can also cause problems with water management, resulting in excess surface water and erosion.

Create healthier soil with an annual application of Farm For Profit’s Step One Solution, comprised of White Label Manure Liquefier and our pH Buffer.

3 years treated with Step One
Hard, cloddy soil never treated with Step One

Farm for Profit Manure Liqueifier is approved for organic farms. Contact us for more information.

White Label Manure Liquefier and PH Buffer

White Label Manure Liquefier and PH Buffer (Step One) are applications of microorganisms and nutrients used to repair and sustain soil. Step One performs well in any tillage program including No-Till; however, moldboard plowing creates maximum incorporation and soil aeration.

  • Cleans up toxicity through bioremediation (glyphosate residue reduced by 95% in just 28 days)
  • Eliminates the hard toxic soil layers
  • Improves soil tilth and seed bed by accelerating composting of crop residues to increase soil vs straw ratio for darker, dryer, warmer soil at planting
  • Builds microorganisms and earth worms back into the soil
  • Good root penetrations can improve yields
  • Reduces erosion
  • Reduces run-off
  • Increases the soil’s water holding capacity

Contact your local dealer for more specification as needed.