Step 4

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Learning to achieve maximum success and eliminate waste as you administer the program is critical.

Our specialists have studied the impact of Step 1 - 3 on many types of soil. Using state of the art testing, they have identified core issues in various soil types and common problems farmers face.

Our team equips you with knowledge and skill to use our products to:

  • Correctly interpret soil tests
  • Maximize nutrient values
  • Improve yields
  • Utilize record systems and cost comparisons
  • Use sensible amounts of chemicals for weed and pest control

You will become a part of the network of farmers you can trust.

As a part of that network, you will be able to:

  • Share knowledge, experience and methods, reducing expenses while maintaining or increasing yields, and maximizing profits
  • Improve the quality of soil and water to sustain the environment -- leaving a healthy and productive farm for your children and grandchildren
  • Improve quality of life, providing nutritional food for you, your family and community